15.Mar.2011 | New The Moon and the Nightspirit webkingdom!

A new site for The Moon and the Nightspirit is now available at www.themoonandthenightspirit.com.

This site will no longer be updated, please refer to the new site for the latest updates!
  23.Jan.2011 | American tour delayed
We have to postpone our debut in the USA to 2012 due possible visa issues, so we won't play on Mythic Faire Festival in 2011, but together with the organizers of the festival we do our best to make it happen in 2012.
  12.Oct.2010 | Budapest show canceled
Sajnos betegség miatt le kellett mondanunk az október 14-i koncertet a Tündérgyárban. A rendezvény nem marad el, csak mi nem játszunk. Megpróbáljuk novemberben pótolni.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our show on the 14th of October in Tündérgyár. The event itself won't be canceled just we won't play. We try to make another concert in the same place in November.
  04.Jun.2009 | New live shows announced
The live section of the homepage had been updated with the actual live dates.
  05.Feb.2009 | Official release date for the new album
Dear Friends,
The official release date for our new album is 2009-03-10.
“Ösforrás” will be released by Equilibrium Music, in two formats: Digipak CD with booklet, and collector’s edition hard-cover 19,5cm x 14cm Digibook (limited to 1000 copies), with full-colour booklet including large reproductions of several paintings created for this purpose. The collector’s edition also includes one exclusive bonus track featuring guest appearances by Catarina Raposo (Dwelling), Saskia Dommisse (Poets to their Beloved) and Alessandra Santovito (Hexperos).
In the meantime we also updated our myspace site with a new design and samples from the new album.
Blessed be,
Agnes & Mihaly
  10.Aug.2008 | A small update...
Recordings for the third The Moon and the Nightspirit album are now nearly completed - the album will be released through Equilibrium Music later this year, and will feature some nice surprise guests!

The band hope to be back to France for a show in Paris also around the end of the year - more details as soon as they become available!

Last but not least, here is a small souvenir from their performance in Barcelona, in February, courtesy of the fine people of Dark Music - thank you again!

  17.Oct.2007 | Third album now in preparation!
"Greetings to all our fans!
First of all we'd like to thank you all for your endless support and kind words!
We have some good news for you: we've just started to write new songs for our upcoming album, which will hopefully be released at the end of this year under the wings of Equilibrium Music. The planned album title is "Osforrás", meaning the primal source, from which all life had sprung. This new album will show our more spiritual and shamanic side, keeping the path we have started to walk on our previous album, "Rego rejtem". This time we'll use some really unique, ethnic instruments such as fujara (woodwind) and morin khuur (a two stringed, horse-head fiddle of mongolian origin). More details will be coming soon.
Meanwhile, the band will be performing several live shows throughout Europe. In April we'll be playing in Sweden, Belgium and Holland, in May the band will be touring in Germany and Switzerland. See you there! More european concerts and festival appearences are under organization. Please check back often for more dates.
Blessed be,
Agnes & Mihaly"

  17.Oct.2007 | The Moon and the Nightspirit on tour with Corvus Corax
The Moon and the Nightspirit will be embarking on their first tour in November, as opening act for Corvus Corax on their upcoming shows in France, Spain and Portugal.

The tour schedule is the following:

08.11.2007 FR - Lyon @ Lyon Hall
09.11.2007 SP - Barcelona @ Apolo [2]
10.11.2007 SP - Irun(Gipuzkoa) @ Tunk!
11.11.2007 SP - Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
14.11.2007 SP - Vigo @ Fabrica do Chocolate
15.11.2007 PT - Braga @ TBC
16.11.2007 PT - Corroios @ Cine-Teatro
17.11.2007 PT - Coimbra @ Centro Norton de Matos
18.11.2007 SP - Sevilla @ Sala Q

For further info, please contact Icon Music Agency at icon.music@netcabo.pt or click here for info on reservations.
  15.Oct.2007 | Live in Budapest next Monday
The band will share the stage with Finnish Folk Metal band Korpiklaani next Monday, 22.10.2007, in Budapest, for the Folk and Troll Festival. The event will take place at the A38 Ship.

We are happy to announce also that The Moon and the Nightspirit will be on a short tour with Corvus Corax next month - details will be available here shortly!
  07.Jul.2007 | More live shows!
The Moon and the Nightspirit will be making various on-stage appearances over the next few months in support of "Regõ Rejtem", which will again take them beyong Hungarian borders and this time reaching as far as Lithuania for the magic Menuo Juodaragis Festival!

The band has recently teamed up with the German booking agency Laviola (who handles bands such as Tenhi, Neun Welten and Dazkarieh) are arrangements are being made to bring The Moon and the Nightspirit to German territory as soon as possible.
  18.Apr.2007 | Back from Belgium, and heading to Italy!
After the successful appearance in Mons at the Trolls & Legends Festival, where they played for an audience of about 2000 people, The Moon and the Nightspirit are now ready to embark on their first Italian show. They will be present at the 11st edition of the Festa di Beltane Festival, held in Masserano (BI) on the 28th and 29th of April. The Moon and Nightspirit's show is scheduled to take place Saturday, 28th, at 21:30. Please visit this site for further information: www.anticaquercia.com.

The band would also like to take the opportunity to thank to the organizers of the Trolls and Legendes Festival for the professional organization and for the award received for the best musical: It was a great honour to play at this wonderful festival, a must for all fans of fantasy! We'd also like to thank to the great Belgian audience for their support and kindness! Hope to see you soon! Blessed be! - Agnes & Mihaly

Photos of the Belgian live show will be added to the Gallery shortly!
  23.Mar.2007 | New mp3s available!
Mp3's of the new album have just been added to the downloads page - enjoy!
  11.Mar.2007 | "Regõ Rejtem" release date announced and Zillo compilation appearance
"Regõ Rejtem"will be officially released on the April 2nd 2007 and is now available for pre-order on the discography page, which is also update with the album details.

The Moon and the Nightspirit have also been invited to take part on the second volume of the "Spielmannstränen" compilation, which is being prepared by the German Zillo Magazine!

The title track for the new album has also recently been included on the Orkus Magazine sampler CD.
  04.Dec.2006 | Updates on "Regõ Rejtem" and upcoming live shows
Recordings for "Regõ Rejtem", The Moon and the Nightspirit's second album, are now complete.

The 9 songs recorded for the album find the band leaving behind English lyrics to focus entirely in their own language, tapping further into their Hungarian roots. Equilibrium Music have decided to issue the first edition of "Regõ Rejtem" on A5-Digipak format, complete with full color 12-page booklet, which will feature the original lyrics, alongside English translations, and the astonishing artwork of Agnes Toth.

Agnes has recently been invited to exhibit her work at the Belgian Fantasy-Art Festival Trolls et Légendes, to be held in Mons on the 7th and 8th of April 2007. The invitation has been further extended to the rest of the band, and as such we are happy to announce that The Moon and the Nightspirit's first live appearance in support of their new album will be happening in Belgium, on the first day of the Festival, 07.04.2007, where they will share stage with Corvus Corax, Naheulbeuk and Les Légendes du Temps. For further information on this unique event, please visit www.trolls-et-legendes.be.

Another live date will be taking place in Italy, in early May - details will be added here as soon as possible!
  30.Oct.2006 | New album on the way!

We have entered Hungarian Elysion Studio to record our second full-length album "Regõ Rejtem". This time we'll "dig" deeper into the steadfast and ancient soil of Hungarian and pagan music, revealing some of the unseen jewels of the slumbering Mother Earth... The new album will follow the traditions of the debut album "Of dreams forgotten and fables untold" yet it will be more lively and the newly used instruments (kaval,tapan, jew's harp,zither) will add more ethnic and ancient feelings to the music. "Regõ Rejtem" will come out under the wings of Equilibrium Music early next year. In the meantime we (with the help of Equilibrium) have begun to organize live concerts throughout Europe. More details will be added soon.

May the ancient spirits guide you all! Blessed be!

Agnes & Mihaly
  15.Apr.2006 | Live in Portugal
The Moon and the Nightspirit have been booked for the Medusa Festival, in Portugal.

The band will be playing two dates in Portugal: on the 28th of April, at the Casa das Artes in Famalic